To get better, you need to understand how you’re going.
Up to date, automated 
assessments of risk, compliance and maturity
give you full visibility into your current state, with clear direction on 

what you need to do, to be more effective and secure in cloud.


Reduce the burden of compliance, through automated technical checks and reports against industry standards. 
Know your cloud services are compliant all the time, not just at audit time. 


Automated technical checks to assess quality and maturity across five dimensions of your workloads. Track progress as you improve, with gap analysis and recommendations for achieving best practice. 


Drawing from multiple data sources, Stax filters out the white noise and
gives you insights to effectively manage your cloud.
Across cost, risk, optimisation, users, services and activity;
we do the leg work to show you what you need to know


No surprises at the end of the month. Keep up to date about your cloud spend, allocate costs across your business and get alerts about spend before you go over budget. 


See where in the world your services are provisioned and how you’re exposed. View your open ports and S3 buckets, and exactly what is operating in each region.


Optimise your AWS services through insight and recommendations about your patterns of use. View and compare utilisation, efficiency and elasticity of your services across accounts.


Get a detailed breakdown of exactly what you’ve provisioned, including the cost of each service and when you’re soon to hit your limits. 


One view across all your accounts to see who has access to what. Drill down to see how active they’ve been, and what they’ve been doing.


In-app and push notifications to alert you to what you need to know, when you need to know it. Going over budget, unexpected region activity, limits and more. Stax has your back.